Certificate Purpose

TOCEL test takers who meet the requirements will receive a certificate issued by the Ministry of Education of R.O.C. Which can serve as a Chinese professional certification for:
Apply for the “Taiwan Scholarship. Service as a reference regarding the applicant’s level for a Chinese subject to the University Entry Committee for Overseas Chinese Students.
Apply for admission to academic programs at colleges or universities in Taiwan.
Service as a job-required proof is required for the job of Chinese language proficiency.

Applying for Scholarship​



The recipient of a nine month or longer scholarship without a Level 3 or above TOCFL certificate within 2 years prior to enrollment must hand in the cerfificate or transcript one month before the end of the scholarship term. If he/she fails to do so, the scholarship will be suspended for one month.


1. For applications to undertake a program not completely taught in English:

(1) If the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) is organized and held by the local Taiwan Representative Office in the applicant’s country or region: a copy of the test results or a certificate at Level 3 or above must be submitted. Results or certificates from any other Chinese proficiency test will not be accepted. If, however, an applicant is unable to take the TOCFL test because of geographical factors and the local Taiwan Representative Office has reviewed their circumstances and approves, then their case may be treated as if their Taiwan Representative Office does not organize TOCFL testing.

(2) If TOCFL testing is not organized by the local Taiwan Representative Office: An applicant who has not submitted a copy of the test results or certificate at Level 3 or above must take the TOCFL test at Level 3 or above at their own expense by the end of the first semester after they arrive in Taiwan and submit their test results or certificate to their university/college. If the applicant transfers to a different university/college after the first semester, their starting semester in the new university/college is still regarded as their second semester since arriving in Taiwan. The applicant is not permitted to claim the initial semester in the new university/college as the “first semester” referred to in this requirement.


For those applying for degree programs taught in Chinese, a photocopy of a TOCFL transcript or certificate for Level 2 or above.

Recipients taking the LEP should submit a photocopy of the TOCFL Level 2 certificates for listening and reading by June of the year after their arrival. Those failing to do so will be disqualified from receiving the Scholarship for degree programs. Recipients should pay TOCFL fees themselves.

Studying in Taiwan

Welcome to Study in Taiwan!


As Taiwan continues to become an international center of excellence, universities in Taiwan welcome international students for a variety of learning programs. For programs taught in Chinese, international students are required to provide a certificate of TOCFL. For more details please refer to the university’s admissions guide.

You may also visit the official website “STUDY IN TAIWAN” ( for more information.