The Chinese Language Testing Center in Istanbul

Language Testing Center in Istanbul starts accepting registration today, April 18! Registration requests will be accepted for a month.Those who pass the Chinese language proficiency test will receive a certificate that helps them with the following:Applying for scholarships, “Taiwan Scholarship”.Achieving the Chinese language proficiency requirement for foreign students wishing to enroll in Taiwan’s colleges and universities.TOFCL Reference Standards for the Acquisition of Chinese Subjects.Proof of Chinese language proficiency is required for job vacancies.It is considered an advantage in evaluating overseas Chinese students studying in Taiwan.At present, many universities and departments in Taiwan have adopted the Chinese language proficiency test as an admission requirement or standard for assessing Chinese language proficiency. Many international companies in Taiwan take Chinese proficiency test scores into account when dispatching employees.  More and more Chinese overseas trading companies adopting the Chinese Language Proficiency Test Certificate as a reference standard when hiring.

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El Menahil… A Chinese Language Teaching Center

El Menahil School was selected to be an accredited center for teaching Chinese. Good news and a valuable opportunity that many are waiting for… An institute for teaching the Chinese language and a certificate recognized by the Taipeieconomic and cultural representative office in Ankara (Taiwan Embassy). Soon, El-Menahil School will become a destination for everyone eagers to learn the Chinese language and develop their capabilities. Learning this important language may open wide horizons for learners. Chinese language courses will target the following categories: The staff of El-Menahil International School, including teachers and administrators, in addition to students. Taiwanese children abroad Those interested in learning the Chinese language and those who wish to obtain an officially recognized certificate. After completing each level, there will be an exam that qualifies the student to register for the higher level, and students can obtain a Chinese language certificate issued by the Government of the Republic of China, which will give them more advantages in obtaining future job opportunities.

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